The Most Popular News Of 2011

28th July

Why 2011 Was A Huge Year For The Digital Music Industry
In short, streaming sites became internationally popular in 2011. When the music industry thought it could not get any worse, along came Spotify and other online streaming sites. On the one hand, consumers no longer had to spend money on music. However, on the other hand, artists and labels began to suffer the wrath of this new music listening fad.

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Our Best Buy For MP3 Players

14th February

Long gone are the days where local radio stations were the only option provided for individuals to listen to music. Current technology, such as MP3 players now allows individuals to choose what artists, genres, and songs they prefer to listen to. These selections can then be categorized however the user desires and can be stored in playlists for easy access. Although music that is downloaded to MP3 players must be purchased by song or by album, many users feel that Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Five Mp3 Players Of 2011

30th January

With the holiday season looming dangerously near it can be quite difficult to decide what to purchase. Most children now want electronic gadgets and gifts making it even more troublesome to buy them the gifts that they desire. However, now with the list of “the best five mp3 players of 2011″ this can make your task easier.

This list includes all the hottest mp3 players out there and information containing all the different features available on them. Some of those features include web browsing, video cameras, games, email, and of course the ability Read the rest of this entry »

Omodaka and Far East Recordings

19th January

Beginning originally as an internet sensation and inside joke between clear wire users and all forms of internet culture, Omodaka has enjoyed a meteoric climb to success going from indie anomaly to such distinctions as “genius” and “sophisticated funk.” But what exactly is Omodaka?

What would you say if I told you there was a form of music that combined the eclectic liveliness and electric brilliance of Tokyo with old Japanese folk-style lyrics? Would you think such a thing could possibly sound good? I got news for you, my friend, it ends up sounding brilliant and much of Omodaka’s success is in the group’s ability to seamlessly join the past and the present together in brilliant synergy.

In short, Omodaka is a taste of both the past and the future. The upbeat and energetic tracks are enough to get your body moving and the folk-style lyrics evoke a primal sense of the past that really gets the heart pumping. There hasn’t been anything like this for a while, music that defies standard classification, and we can only hope Omodaka continues to spread the digital gospel in their amazing tracks.

Why Should The Music Industry Change It’s Strategy?

15th August

The music industry has changed. Gone are the days where bands get signed by a record company have a huge advertising budget and hit the road to sell a ton of albums. People can now just download albums for free off of the internet. This has been a huge hit to income of touring bands in the music industry today. This is why many bands are changing their strategy when it comes to promoting themselves and their music.

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Digital Music To Save The Music Industry

13th August

What began with boomboxes and radio hits has evolved into easily downloadable songs. CD Players are already ancient relics; digital music players have carved out spaces for old music players in museums so that one day we can tell our kids “This is how music was.”

A few years back, album sales for artists had dropped dramatically. CDs were not officially on the outs, even as their counterpart music players were; technology had made it easy to Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Important Cities Of The Music Industry

11th August

Are you fascinated by the exciting world of the music industry? Do you want to learn all you can about its history, traditions and the impact it has made on the world around you? Do you wish you could visit the hottest, most bustling places in the music industry? If so, read this list of the most important cities in the music industry.

- New York
Of course New York made this list, since it is one of the largest cities in America as well as a place where everything seems to be happening, all the time.

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The Last Ten Years Of Rock Music

8th August

Over the past decade, rock music has changed so much that sometimes it is hard for older rock fans to realize that this is still the same genre of music. There used to be a clear line between genres, but since artists are becoming more and more creative with their styles, those lines have become gray areas. In a lot of cases, many artists need three genre types to describe their music. Ask any ten fans of Read the rest of this entry »