The Last Ten Years Of Rock Music

8th August 2011

Over the past decade, rock music has changed so much that sometimes it is hard for older rock fans to realize that this is still the same genre of music. There used to be a clear line between genres, but since artists are becoming more and more creative with their styles, those lines have become gray areas. In a lot of cases, many artists need three genre types to describe their music. Ask any ten fans of an artist like Kid Rock and you are going to eventually end up with his genre as rock pop hip hop. It makes things very confusing.

Rock certainly has evolved over the past ten years. We’ve went from artists like Nickleback and U2, to more popular things like Skillet and Godsmack. The interesting thing is that some of these artists stick around for a long period of time and others seem to fade into the past. This simply happens because music is something that is constantly changing. Artists are huge hits, then fade away for a while, and then return with something that the public wants to hear again. Rock artists are having to be more creative now than ever to make sure that their music stays on the top.

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