Why Should The Music Industry Change It’s Strategy?

15th August 2011

The music industry has changed. Gone are the days where bands get signed by a record company have a huge advertising budget and hit the road to sell a ton of albums. People can now just download albums for free off of the internet. This has been a huge hit to income of touring bands in the music industry today. This is why many bands are changing their strategy when it comes to promoting themselves and their music.

Many bands are starting to give their albums away to their fans via free download and only charging them for physical copies of the albums. This does bring down the potential income on the albums that they produce. But, it also helps bands reach a wider audience because more new potential fans are willing to check out a bands album when they do not have to pay for it.

This results in more fans so these bands can make more money off of their live shows. You can’t steal a live show and it is one of the only ways that a band can still make an income in the industry today. In the future some predict that almost all downloaded versions will be free and bands will be relying almost exclusively on live shows and merchandise for income.

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