Omodaka and Far East Recordings

19th January 2012

Beginning originally as an internet sensation and inside joke between clear wire users and all forms of internet culture, Omodaka has enjoyed a meteoric climb to success going from indie anomaly to such distinctions as “genius” and “sophisticated funk.” But what exactly is Omodaka?

What would you say if I told you there was a form of music that combined the eclectic liveliness and electric brilliance of Tokyo with old Japanese folk-style lyrics? Would you think such a thing could possibly sound good? I got news for you, my friend, it ends up sounding brilliant and much of Omodaka’s success is in the group’s ability to seamlessly join the past and the present together in brilliant synergy.

In short, Omodaka is a taste of both the past and the future. The upbeat and energetic tracks are enough to get your body moving and the folk-style lyrics evoke a primal sense of the past that really gets the heart pumping. There hasn’t been anything like this for a while, music that defies standard classification, and we can only hope Omodaka continues to spread the digital gospel in their amazing tracks.

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