The Most Popular News Of 2011

28th July 2013

Why 2011 Was A Huge Year For The Digital Music Industry
In short, streaming sites became internationally popular in 2011. When the music industry thought it could not get any worse, along came Spotify and other online streaming sites. On the one hand, consumers no longer had to spend money on music. However, on the other hand, artists and labels began to suffer the wrath of this new music listening fad.

The Domino Effect of Digital Music And Mp3 Accessibility
Simply put, digital music revolutionized the music industry, for better or worse. Nevertheless, the music industry has never shifted in such a dramatic way in its entire history.Want more? Click here/tag This immense transition had everything to do with the latest trends of digital downloads and streaming services. Sites like Pandora, Spotify and YouTube were killing it online when it came to listening to digital music. The advantage that Spotify had over iTunes was that it was completely free. In this light, Spotify showed how you did not have to own the music in order to have a good time listening to it. Although this does not pan out too well for musicians or the music industry, streaming sites became immensely popular in 2011.

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